Is registering with VETOLINO only open to veterinary surgeons?

No. All animal industry practitioners may register with VETOLINO, but only when referred by a veterinary surgeon, who will ensure that the practitioner has acquired all the knowledge necessary to distribute the products available on this site properly.

Which products are recommended for my first order ?

For pets, the PIPOLINO-S+ is the most adaptable product, with particularly attractive sales conditions, as it is new to the range. A few models will suffice for testing purposes. A few models will suffice for testing purposes.

If you are preparing a stock for sale, the “PIPOLINO-S+ Pack” offers are the best price option for an initial, wide-choice stock of products.

For big dogs whose kibbles are greater than 15mm in width, you will need to add a few PIPOLINO-L+s.

Considering all the effects on well-being (boredom, inactivity) and on health (regurgitations, obesity, …), a veterinary surgeon* will feel at ease in prescribing them in less than 3 months.

*In the creator’s veterinary clinic, more than 200 PIPOLINOs ® per veterinary surgeon have been sold each year since 2007.

How quickly are products delivered ?

Between 5 and 10 days after placing an order, provided there is not a shortage of stock.

How are unsold stocks returned and refunded ?

Please use this form indicating your VETOLINO N° and the list of goods to be returned, we will inform you of the amount refundable and the scheduled collection date

The corresponding amount will be transferred to your back account as soon as the products are received.

How does the referral system work?

Referrers are invited to encourage other practitioners to register with VETOLINO, and in turn to use and recommend the range of products available themselves.

Referrers will use their charisma and experience to develop a network and also to encourage referred members to develop their own networks.

Where possible, referrers can actively manage their networks, by opening up discussion between network members on the progress they are making with VETOLINO’s range of products.

Referrers will also act as trainers for non-veterinary salespersons (nurses, breeders, pet store salespersons, …).

For more information, please contact us.

Team Vetolino.